Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kuala Kangsar MTB Jamboree 2010

Kuala Kangsar MTB Jamboree will be held on Sunday 31st October 2010. This time the track provided will be well loved by riders of all ages. For the hardcore worry not for we have arranged the challenging terrains for you. I am confident that the nature of the track will make every rider come again to participate in our jamboree which we have planned to organise every year. Riders will be passing historical sights such as the Malay College, Iskandariah Palace, Ubudiah Mosque, the first British Residence in Malaysia and so on. There are also other sites that can be visited such as Kris and pottery workshops. Don't worry we will be providing you with more info from time to time about this well known town of Kuala kangsar. If you have the chance to be at the Rest House area which is situated just near our starting point you will be able to see the beauty of the Perak River meandering lazily through kampungs and peaceful town of Kuala Kangsar. I am certain by being for a while in this little peaceful town you will be deciding to spend a night here.

What more when you can bring home some of sovineurs such as potteries, kris, parangs besides having some cendols, laksa, roti pau all available around you wherever you are in Kuala Kangsar town. Mind you, you can only qualify to enjoy all what is in this royal town of Kuala Kangsar if you register to participate in our jamboree, he.. he.. Yes in Kuala Kangsar we also do have a beautiful golf course, hockey turf, swimming pool, mini football stadium, gymnasium, sports complex(soon) but sorry we don't have platform for buggy jumping because they say it can break your neck... So long until this point.. we will be with you from time to time especially regarding our Kuala Kangsar MTB Jamboree which we will be offering yelow jerceys and cash prizes for top finishers. I will let you know more soon, bye .